Quad Track Warsaw

The growing interest in quad riding has inspired us to open a specially designed track for quads with an area of ​​over 2.5 ha in Góra Kalwaria city (30 km from Warsaw).

We also support groups in English. Our instructor will be pleased to meet you on the track and:

  •  Will conduct theoretical training on the quad track (how to navigate it, which should be paid special attention)
  •  Will conduct theoretical training on proper quad riding
  • Will conduct practical training on a quad bike (before you enter the track you will have to pass the „eight” between the two tires and cross a small hill next to the instructor)
  • Then you enter the track starting from the simplest route and ending on the most difficult route. On our track there are 4 routes varied in difficulty

Diversified in terms of difficulty routes will meet the expectations of both riders who have not yet had contact with quads, as well as those who have already ridden on this type of vehicle.

BEGINNERS do not be afraid! Riding on our quads with an automatic transmission is so simple that we will learn you how to ride in 5 minutes.


In the contact / map tab you will find the exact location of our track and tips on how to get to the track.

Location of QuadFun track or use Google maps in your phone (just type in google search the word “quadfun” and you find out about exact location of our truck.

Address of QuadFun Track:
Street: Trakt Puławskiego
City: Góra Kalwaria
Zip-code: 05-530

Prices – quad renting
Quantity of quads Riding Time 30 min Riding Time 60 min Riding Time 90 min Riding Time 120 min































The price includes

  • helmet
  • theoretical training: the principle of operation and construction of a quad
  • practical training: 8-day training (body balancing exercise while riding), climbing hills

If there are more people than quads available, there are frequent changes, so no one will be bored.

More quads rented = lower price!

1 quad x 1 hour = 230 PLN
Assuming the maximum variant:
5 quads x 2 h = 2100 PLN (in this case renting a quad for 1 hour is only 210 PLN/ 1 hour)


To arrange a quad bike ride, please call us (obligatory telephone booking):

During the telephone booking you will arrange the number of quads, the exact date of the ride and the time of renting the quads.

The track is open on Saturdays from 9:00 to 20:00

Ride in the week is only possible for organized groups that renting minimum 6 quads.

Balaclava compulsory: 10 zł / 1 pcs

  • a new balaclava with the QuadFun logo, which will be a souvenir of riding quads
  • you can use your own balaclava
  • prices in PLN [PLN]

How to get to QuadFun track?

Customers organize transport to our track on their own. There are several ways to reach us:

Access by own car / Rent car in Warsaw
Cheapest and fastest way to get to us. The quad track is located about 25 from Warsaw (towards Łódź) and is located 6 km from the A2 highway exit (exit at Błonie/ Grodzisk Mazowiecki). Travel details you will find in the contact / arrival tab.
Parking spaces available next quad track.

The cost of Uber one way from Warsaw is about 120 PLN – 140 PLN.
Local Taxi Corporation (also offering buses):

Cheap Bus
Organized groups can contact the company Tani Busik from Warsaw, which has presented us with the most favorable rates for a return trip and stop.
Contact details:
www.tanibusik.eu, mobile: + 48 668 155 607, mail: – please refer to QuadFun when booking to obtain the promotional prices below.

Bus up to 8 people (+ driver)
a) PLN 350 + 8% VAT
up to 4 hours: Warsaw – QuadFun track – 2 hours stop – Warsaw

Bus up to 20 people (+ driver)
a) PLN 450 + 8% VAT
up to 4 hours: Warsaw – QuadFun track – 2 hours stop – Warsaw

How to prepare before arrival

  1. Everyone riding quads must have ID with photo (for EU members) or passport to sign the terms and conditions of track and vehicles. Minors ride only with the written consent of an adult guardian (preferably the parent of the pupil).
  2. Comfortable clothing adapted to the weather conditions – it may get a little dusty or muddy. The quads are well enclosed, however, depending on the track conditions, it may get dirty.
  3. Sports footwear that covers the entire foot
  4. It is worth to bring sunglasses – our helmets are open, therefore the glasses will be an additional protection for the eyes against dust or flying insects
  5. Full sobriety – in case of doubt, the instructor will not allow the participant to ride a quad.
  6. It is worth taking bottled water with you. Driving on our track is quite exhausting.
  7. During the summer, mosquito spray and sunscreen.
  8. Please arrive on track punctually. We need at least 30 minutes for organizational issues (reading and signing the regulations) and training. If you are late, some of your quad riding time can be spent on training. It is important that all participants of organized groups appear on time.
  9. Getting to the track – most customers use Google maps to get to us so just type „quadfun” in google search -> get route and reach the track itself. More tips in the contact / map tab
Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1. There are more people riding than quads - what about people who are not riding at a given time?

    From our experience, we know that a group of 9 people renting 5 quads for 1.5 hours is already fed up with it. Our track is demanding, which is why we always receive the opinion from our customers that changes on quads are simply advisable in order to be able to rest a bit. A large number of turns and hills makes you willingly relax on the observation hill and rest allitle bit whie watching ypur friend riding quads. Frequent changes of riders mean that you will not wait too log on your turn (only 5-7 minutes depending of riders quantity). The advantage of this situation is also lower costs of renting quads.

  • 2. Is theoretical instruction included in the time of renting quads?

    No. Time is measured from the moment the client starts riding a quad bike (practical training)

  • 3. Can the driving time be extended?

    In case of extending the time on riding quads, this is only possible if the next booking allows it. Rather it will be not possible so it is better to reserve enough time during telephone booking.

  • 4. What documents are required?

    Passport or ID with photo (for EU members). Before riding on quads, the customer is required to read and accept the track regulations and to rent vehicles.

  • 5. Are helmets additionally payable?

    No. Every customer receives helmet before riding, which are already included in the rental price. A balaclava under helmet is obligatory. The customer can buy it on site PLN 5 / pcs or take your own.

  • 6. What happens if I am late?

    We need 30 minutes for organizational and training issues. In case that you are g late, some part of the training take place in the reserved time of quad riding. So your riding time on quad will be shorter (depends on your lateness)

  • 7. Can any changes be made to the reservation?

    Yes, but not later than 2 weeks before the reserved date of quad riding.

  • 8. Can children ride quads?

    Yes – young riders from about 14 years of age with the written consent of the guardian (preferably a parent). Small children can ride with a guardian on a double quad bike on easiest trucs (blue and yellow)

  • 9. Is an advance payment required?

    For reservations of 1-2 quads, no advance payment is required. When renting more than 3 quads, the advance payment is required – details during obligatory telephone quad booking (booking mobile: +48 795 144 333).

    In case of not arriving on the track within the reserved time, the advance payment is forfeited (it is not returned).

  • 10. Can you reschedule your reservation

    Only in the case of really very bad weather conditions (thunderstorms, heavy rain). Our quads will manage in all conditions, so we are always there and small rain is not a reason to reschedule reservation.

Find out more about QuadFun track:


  • Located 25 km from Warsaw at the exit of the A2 highrway
  • Area: 2.5 ha
  • 4 routes of varying difficulty (blue, yellow, red, black)


  • routes do not intersect
  • begin and end of all trucks at one point
  • contoured hills
  • tires in dangerous places
  • view hill – Instructor all the time is watching on riding customers

Branded safe quads:

  • Honda TRX 250 Recon x5
  • CF Moto 520 x1


  • Ease of use – automatic transmission (practical driving lessons in 5 minutes for begginers)
  • Company liability insurance

Quad rides
Track and vehicle use regulations – Signed before the event
Theoretical training give Instructor

Practical training
Each participant will have to undergo training practically before driving on selected routes:

  • „eight” between two tires
  • ride through small hill

Each participant before the ride receives a helmet (own or one-time balaclava PLN 5 / pcs)

The time has come for riding quads:

  • After practical training, participants ride on particular routes starting from the simplest (blue) and ending with the most difficult (black)
  • The instructor watches over the safety of the riders all the time, watching them from the viewpoint
  • In case when is more participants than quads, there are frequent changes